You know network documentation is important, I know documentation is important. A lot of people throughout the IT industry realize the importance of good network documentation.

It is becoming more important too with the introduction of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and the likes.

Still during my years of working as an IT consultant I have never been impressed when seeing the current documentation of a given network, have you?

Rarely have I seen any kind of documentation which goes beyond an Excel sheet containing an outdated ip address scheme, this isn’t documentation it’s just it’s just an excuse which allows the creator to say;

“The network is documented, but it needs some more work” (if there was an Extreme Makeover for network documentation they’d be crying through the show)

Another thing I haven’t come in contact with during my years in the industry is someone who likes to do network documentation (perhaps you are my soul mate in this bizarre hobby?)

The goal of the SYDI project is to help people getting started as well as providing some helpful tips. Since we are dealing with computers a lot of things can be automated, one of those things is to collect data. The programs included in SYDI takes the approach of querying the nodes on the network for information which is then written to a report.

The reports created will be used as a base for your documentation. It is important to note the word base. Since we are talking about collected data SYDI will only be able to get information about a system.

You have to describe how the system fits into your environment.

SYDI is an Open Source project which means you are free do download the products and run them on as many computers as you want without paying a dime. People seem to like that.