Document your network!

Everyone knows that they should document their network. Still hardly any network has good documentation. The reasons for this could be that it's a) boring and b) people don't know where to start.

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Download SYDI

SYDI is open source and you can use it in your network without paying any license fee. Download it and start using it today. You are also free to clone the Github repo and improve SYDI and help the community.

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Getting Started

If you have downloaded SYDI and don't know what to do next. Don' worry, once you've tested it it's easy to use. If you still get stuck please let me know and I'll try to improve the documentation

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New Blog Articles

Limiting the Length of a SYDI Report

Running SYDI-Server using default settings usually generates a Word document somewhere between 20 and 40 pages. But it's easy to filter out what you don't want. Read More ›

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