Spanish Translation for SYDI-Server

SYDI-Server collects information through WMI queries and can write a report to XML or Word, which can be used as a server documentation template or as a starting point for your network documentation. When writing output to XML you can use the ss-xml2word.vbs script in order to create a Word file in your language. This is assuming there is a translation file for your language. Carlos de Blas Cartón has created a Spanish file for SYDI. It’s currently available through the translation pack on the download page, but will be included in future versions of SYDI-Server.

Thank you Carlos for contributing to the project! Unfortunately I don’t understand Spanish myself, but I hope others will find it useful.

So now we have nine translation files, the other ones are: Danish, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and of course Swedish :)

If you want another language it’s really easy to create one. Just open the lang_english.xml file in notepad and compare it to one of the other ones. Even if you don’t understand the other language you will see what to do.

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