100 000 downloads and counting

Taking a look at the download statistics for SYDI I realize that we just passed the 100 000 download a few days ago. Admittedly the statistic doesn’t look quite as bright as the graph to the left, it’s more of a steady stream of downloads. However I still think it’s great that the number is so high. I hope SYDI has been useful for most of the people who have downloaded it and that it has enabled a lot of networks to be better documented.

Still the download counters are just numbers what really drives me to develop the project is when I hear from you, when I get emails or feedback. I think it’s wonderful to hear what SYDI has done for you.

I love to find posts about SYDI in forums and blogs. It’s really exciting to read what people are saying about SYDI when I’m not involved in the process.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you users for all your support and praise. I hope we see a million downloads and a more structured approach to network documentation. I see room for improvement when it comes to more data which can be collected by SYDI but isn’t today, but also in terms of building a framework for how you can document your network. If you have any ideas you would like to share, please comment below or contact me.

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