SYDI-Server 2.3 Released

I’ve just released SYDI Server 2.3.

This is the change log for this release:

  • Added Product Keys (-rk) for Windows and Office to SYDI Server (based on script by Parabellum
  • Added Product Key tab in SYDI Overview
  • Added IP Subnets in SYDI-Overview
  • Added Errorlevel 999 when script fails to connect to target computer
  • Added link to patches when viewing xml files in a browser
  • Added German language file for ss-xml2word.vbs (by Jan Picard)
  • Removed Copyright character from xml files (bug)

All of the above has been added after getting feedback from users. So if there’s something you want to have implemented there’s a good chance it won’t happen unless you tell me about it.

Anyway I hope you like the new version, if you have any thoughts please post a comment below.

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