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Testimonials for SYDI

Here are some ideas and features I want to implement in the future.

The SYDI project has received a lot of praise from its users. These are a few examples of what people are saying:

“I absolutely love SYDI. I have used it for years now. I have used it all this time, just outputting XML files, and hooking links into an HTML document, so that we could easily look at server stats.”

  • Kevin Howard, Citrix Enterprise Administrator at IBM Global Services - USA

“I can’t tell you how much time and effort I have saved in documenting my network with your tools. Keep up the great work!”- Phil Mandryk, Network Coordinator at at Trinity College School – Ontario, Canada

“Your scripts for creating documentation are spectacular! It makes things very easy for a large company with no documentation or even a small company with no real writers the power to easy and quickly document their servers. At this rate, there should never be a lack of documentation; well at least not in my environment!”- Robert Spilman, Sr. Network Engineer at GTSI Corp. – USA

“Thank you for having such a user friendly and amazingly organized project”- Mark Manning, Systems Administrator at Hurricane Technologies – Rochester, NY, USA

“WOW, the automation would jump start the documenation process for a network that has no current documentation”

  • Don Krause, Network Engineer – Wisconsin, USA

“SYDI is a really cool application, both in its simplicity and in the valuable information output”- Martin Kaae, IT Manager at Danish Toxicology Centre - Denmark

“Keep up your good work, the industry needs guys like you”- Richard Laniel, Software Developer at Rocksoft – Québec, Canada

“Your script is amazing I am sure it will make the consultants most tedious and cumbersome task much easier”- Alex Ledesma, Director of Network Solutions at Bladesystems, Inc.